Tassimo/Bosch/Kraft Review

Report Filed: Tassimo/Bosch/Kraft The Bosch/Tassimo coffee makers are being sold as high end espresso coffee makers but are essentially disposable machines good for only a year. After the warranty expires in one year, neither company offers any support, clients are told to find a repair facility on their own, highly unlikely without support from the manufacturers. This is pertinent information that should be prominently disclosed to customers and that would weigh in on their decision. Customers purchase these machines under the false impression that there is a brand name behind them and that is not at all the case. Stick with Nesspresso. Dover Delaware!!

The Bosch/Tassimo espresso coffee makers are being sold as high end coffee makers and customers are under the impression that they are buying a brand name. The reality is that these are essentially disposable and expensive coffee makers that are only good for one year. Neither Bosch nor Tassimo offer any support beyond the one year warranty and customers are pretty much told to find a local repair shop on their own, which is highly unlikely without manufacturer support, or toss the machine. This policy and lack of support is pertinent information that would weigh in the customer’s decision to purchase these expensive home appliances and that should be prominently disclosed to customers by the manufacturers at the time of purchase. I will be replacing the defective coffee maker with a Nesspresso. Shame on Kraft, Bosch and Tassimo.

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