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Report Filed: Tax Sale Lists John Lane WILL NOT CANCEL ACCOUNT—WORST CUST SERV Internet!!

Lured in by some fake and phony facebook AD about unclaimed funds….went to the site and was asked to provide cc info to view ANYTHING but once in, there was no RECENT educational tools, upcoming classes, webinars or training…looks like the site wasnt being used for sometime….fastforward to 29 days later….I was charged $29.99 for their services that I DID NOT, HAVE NOT and WILL NOT EVER use. So I kindly emailed support with a request to cancel whatever subscription I might have signed up for because there was nothing on the site for me to use. The SUPPOSED manager emails me back like I’m so stupid idiot and advises that I cant cancel until freaking JANUARY!!! LOL!!! So funny because I have the slightest clue on what I am paying for. See email details below and be the judge for yourself. I promise you people there are so many other avenues and resources available out there on the internet. PLEASE STAY FAR AWAY from John Lane and his ridiculous Tax Sale List site. Total Rip-Off!!! Be the judge for yourself!!! Hi Avita, You registered with us on 8 / 22 / 15. Per the Terms and Conditions you have agreed to pay us $29.00 for 5 additional months or a total of $179.99. So after the January 22, 2016 payment you can request cancellation via email. Thanks Tax Sale Products [email protected] From: Avita C [mailto:(((redacted))) Sent: Monday, September 21, 2015 8:19 AMTo: TaxSaleLists Support <[email protected]>Subject: Re: Cancellation Request So I have to pay for a service I don’t need or will not be using for 6 months? Could you please have a manager or someone with authority to override my request asap? 2818969322 We provide plenty of review prior to anyone signing up with our subscription payment. It is not our responsibility to tell a customer how to use our information. I am the manager and there will be no cancellation until after January. Thanks Tax Sale Products [email protected] From: Avita C [mailto:(((REDACTED)))Sent: Monday, September 21, 2015 8:19 AMTo: TaxSaleLists Support <[email protected]>Subject: Re: Cancellation Request So that’s how rip people off….gotcha! No worries at all….And so much for providing any kind of customer service. I will be contacting my bank so you won’t be charging me going forward…And I will make sure I provide my feedback to all of the wonderful social sites for others to see just how awesome this company is. Thanks again.

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