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Report Filed: TBK PC Attorneys E. James Wilder #29526Travis B. Keenan #41353 Unethical, lying, corrupt, HOA attorneys Denver Colorado!!

These two clowns do the typical bait and switch lie that is done in practicing law. Our family was 2 months behind on our HOA fees in a home we have owned since 1997. Both of us were laid off of work and struggling to make ends meet. We were served a notice of our late fees of $260.00. We contacted the attorneys who told us to let them know what we could do to settle. We did that, saying we could pay the 260.00 amount. They then told us that we did NOT need to come to court that the issue was settled. They then went to court and got a default judgment of $2300.00. When we called them anout it, they lied and said that we had never worked out a deal with them. These two a*s hat attorneys are corrupt, lying, disgusting scum and we will be fighting them in court of this matter.

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