Tcleansoft Review

Report Filed: Tcleansoft Made fake claims to be official apple technicians and fix Mac issues. Took remote control of my Mac and in haste made me sign a document. Made false claims of my Mac saying it would crash if I dont pay 185 dollars. Santa Barbara, CA 93101 California!!

I recieved a message saying that they are official apple employees and they would llike to help me as my computer was going slow due to junk files and virus. Took the control over my Mac and then saying they are officially form apple took 185 US dollars faking about what they were. Did not let me read through the document to be signed and even after asking again whether they were fake or not they said they were official apple technicians. I was closely watching what they did during the entire time. They just downloaded an antimalvare that I saw is free and an adbloc in my safari that anyone can do for free and charged me 185 dollars just fo nothing. Fake call and fake companies like this should be dealth strongly as they leave you wid no other option when they take control over the laptop and try to hurry things by handling it on thier own.

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