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Report Filed: Team Management Rosie GaLarza Kilbourn Commons rents to bad tenants and convicted felons without screening them Milwaukee Wisconsin!!

I was a tenant at Kilbourn Commons until August 2018.Team Management owner Darnell Williams hired Xavier Shan as the property manager until he quit in 2016, Darnell hired Milan a black lady property manager until she got fired for renting out Apt 216 behind Darnell Williams back. Darnell did not tell her that the apartment needed a new stove. Darnell hired Rosie GaLarza a mexican lady as the new property manager from 2016 to 2018. In 2017 Rosie GaLarza started renting to bad tenants and convicted felons without screening them. She put the entire apartment building in danger by renting to Sherard Sebring a convicted felon who has felonies on his record. Rosie rented to Marcus D Gutsch who has two felonies on his record. Marcus Gutsch is a threat to Kilbourn Commons and a threat to the tenants. Marcus broke the glass door window with his fist trying to punch Princinetta Thurman in her face while she ducked and He kicked down her door, because she would not let him in, She called the police, He put his hands on her and she started screaming. The police came to the building and took down both of their statements. The police looked at her door, They arrested him and took him to jail. In the summer of 2017, The police came to Kilbourn Commons looking for Sherard Sebring who was on the run from the police and the authorities. He moved out in the summer of 2017. In 2017 Rosie rented to bad black tenants who threw soup up against the back hallway wall, They puked and threw up on the back hallway floor and pooped/defacated on the floor. When the caretakers Joe Amerson and Rai Hudson seened the big mess in the back hallway, That caused them to move out of Kilbourn Commons. Rosie GaLarrza rented to Reshondra Smith and Ashley Hudson two crazy black girls who caused a nuisance inside Kilbourn Commons. Rosie GaLarza rented to Jesus Diaz a young (((REDACTED))) guy who brings strange people into the apartment building that be loitering and hanging in the hallways. They be pooping and defacating in the hallway, From 2017 to 2018 I was a caretaker at Kilbourn Commons, I always did my job and I did a good job. In 2018 Rosie fired me and took me to court. She hired Shuran Hagwood as the new caretaker of Kilbourn Commons Jesus’s friend A tall black guy who was loitering in the hallway. The police came upstairs and seened him, He ran from the police in the hallway down the front stairs, He hit his head on the wall and kept running. A tall black guy used a fire extinguisher to break and bust down Jesus’s apartment door. Jesus friend took his apartment keys. He gave his smartphone to a drug dealer for drugs. Rosie evicted him in May 2018. Rosie would not evict Marcus D.Gutsch,Princinetta Thurman and Jasmine Curry who caused trouble inside Kilbourn Commons. In August 2018 Rosie evicted me for non payment of rent and Rosie told me not to come back to Kilbourn Commons Black female tenants started jumping on Rosie about not taking care of their problems. Rosie is smart-mouthed, got an attitude problem and a bad attutude with the tenants. Rosie don’t get along with people as the property manager. They went to her boss Darnell Williams and complained to him about Rosie’s wrongdoing and wrongful actions. Darnell Williams had a talk to Rosie GaLarza about her complaints. Darnell pulled Rosie out of Kilbourn Commons and put her in a different apartment building with the different black tenants. Philip Bowers became the new property manager at Kilbourn Commons and took care of things that Rosie refused and would not do. Philip evicted Princinetta Thurman and Jasmine Curry for non payment of rent. Stay away from Rosie GaLarza and Team Management,because they will screw you like she did the good tenants in 2017 and 2018.

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