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The Center for Association Resources Review

Report Filed: The Center for Association Resources Robert Patterson Everything you read on other reports is true. Hoffman Estates Illinois!!

Working at The Center for Association Resources was one of the worst experiences of my life. If you have read the past reports, which are a few years old, nothing has changed. Robert Patterson is a horrible person and not someone you want to work for or hire as an association manager. Working there: Robert Patterson was abusive and condescending. He would frequently verbally attack his employees for no real reason when he came into the office around 11:30 each day. He told a book keeper who has MS that he moved to slow so he was only going to pa him half of what they agreed to, because he wasn’t working fast enough. He also regularly made fun of the way Indian people spoke, in front of an Indian employee. There is so much more, for example he threw a sandwich at the deli worker in the building because he didn’t make his sandwich correctly, but much of it is cover in previous reports. As a Client: Rob promises everything when he presents for their business, underbids the account then doesn’t deliver on his promises because they are not paying enough for that level of service. When a client starts asking for service that was promised, Rob will comment to the team that we need to horse break them and show them who is in charge and they are not an on demand client. It is also common knowledge in the office that Rob is not engaged with his clients and completely relies on his staff to service and manage accounts. Take a look at all of the clients The Center for Association Resources has had, and all of the different people that have worked there and ask yourself, why are they all gone. The answer is Robert Patterson. I think itu2019s great that we moved from politics to religion. (I really need a sarcasm font)

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