The Law Offices of Fred Pardes Esquire

The Law Offices of Fred Pardes Esquire Review

Report Filed: The Law Offices of Fred Pardes Esquire Fred Pardes Fred Pardes ESQ. Fred Pardes Esquire Scammed out of $35,000 Dana Point California!!

We were introduced to Fred Pardes through a friend we know through our church. Fred seemed like a very nice man in the beginning. In February 2018, we decided to hire Fred to sue the seller of a proeprty that failed to make all legal required disclosures to us when we purchased his property. Fred assured us we had an open and shut case that would be very easy to win. He asked us for a $5,000 retainer which he said would be sufficient to reach a settlement that would allow us to come out ahead even after dealing with the lawsuit filed against us by our tenant regarding hazerdous materials in the building we purchased that were not disclosed to us. After a few weeks Fred notified us that he was unable to reach a settlement with the seller and that they were unwilling to even discuss it. He advised us to go to trial and requested an additional $10,000 to file the suit. We felt we had no other choice so we agreed. Over the next six months Fred continued to bill us at an hourly rate $400 while making excusse about how the case was more complicated than originally anticipated but at the same time assuring us that our case was slowly working its way through the legal system. After nine months my husband and I did an accounting of everything paid to date and were shocked to discover it came to $37,200. We engaged the help of a friend who was is paralegal to do some investigating. When she checked the public recoreds, she discovered the case was never even filed. We demanded an explanation from Fred Pardes but he has been stone walling us ever since. In fact we have been unable to determine where he is. Now we are left with the original two lawsuits to deal with plus a case of fraud against Fred Pardes! Please avoid this con artist at all costs. I would hate to think that the same might happen to someone else. This man has no morals!

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