Report Filed: Anyone can get your information, fraud, incorrect information, scam for employers and potential employees, Texas!!

I called this company to verify my information and they said that I couldnt do that. I am representing myself in court and needed past employer information and they said that they could send it to my attorney, I replied with I AM MY ATTORNEY, to which they refused to send me information. They said that anyone else besides myself can get the information BUT NOT ME… Hmmm, I set up a fake company, fake name, fake phone numbers, etc.. put my name in and got my information, to my belief at this point, it was completely WRONG, they didnt even have my current employer correct, I have been working for the same company for 3 years and they still had me working at a place I worked 7 years ago… PLEASE if you are an employer, DO NOT believe what you see here… Just take a few minutes and call a candidates company and verify through them.

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