Tidewater Motor Credit

Tidewater Motor Credit Review

Report Filed: Tidewater Motor Credit Sprechman and Fisher PA The most recent is file a 23,000.00 garnishment/levy on my checking account without notice Chesapeake Virginia!!

Tidewater has been a nightmare since day one. We purchased a car and paid on it for a little over 18 months and due to unforseen circumstances we had to let the car go back. This all occurred between 2010-2012. Starting in 2013 we were bombarded with documents from not only Tidewater but their attorneys Sprechman and Fisher. They were trying to garnish our wages for a vehicle we no longer owned. We filed motions and denials for the garnishment however, procedurally they had the advantage. Long in short they ended up getting 50.00 every two weeks from my paycheck. Fastforward to 2016. I am at a new job making significantly less than I was and I began to start receiving notices again about my garnishment. I filed the denials again and the motion to dismiss the garnishment. They again kept pursuing the money however I was granted a court date again. Before the first courtdate they were able to garnish 300.00 out of my 850.00 paycheck. I went to the legal aid office and had them assist me in filing a new motion to dismiss. I went to court 08/08/2017 and the judge granted my motion to dismiss and stop all garnishments. Everything was fine from then up until 11/24/2017. I went to use my ATM card and it was denied. I checked my bank account and to my disbelief, Tidewater put a claim on my account for 23,000.00. I now can’t access my money from payroll to pay my bills and they charged me 72.00 overdraft fees due to this. I am seeking an attorney again.

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