TLG Auto Vantage

TLG Auto Vantage Review

Report Filed: TLG Auto Vantage Charged $14.99 per month 69 times since December 2005 Westerville, Ohio!!

I found fraudulent charges on my Merrick Bank Credit Card that was charged by TLG Auto Vantage for a service I DID NOT sign up for. I have been charged 69 times since December 2005 in the amount of $14.99 per month for a grand total of $1034.31 that was added to my Merrick Bank Credit Card. I spoke with a representative from the company who then put me through to the office of the president to get this resolved. There was a message on that line that nobody was available and to leave a message. I left my name and phone number requesting to be called back. I was also informed that I supposedly signed and cashed a check in the amount of $2.50 to sign up for a free trial and that is how this supposedly happened. I was told I would receive a copy of that check in 2-4 weeks. I never cash those kinds of offer checks that come by mail, I always shred them and trash them because I know they are all scams. Besides that, I am a member of AAA road service and would never sign up for anything else, least of all a company that is based out of state from me. The reason I did not notice the charges is because the amount each month is not that much and also my husband has cancer, has had a bone marrow transplant and has been in and out of the hospital a lot over the last few years. I am his caregiver and am very busy taking care of him and his needs. Because the charges were not that much and I was so busy I just did not notice it until yesterday.

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