Tom Delor

Tom Delor Review

Report Filed: Tom Delor Moment-O-Meter Total Ripoff company. Offers you a job if you buy their $349 device, that is totally worthless Clearwater , Florida!!

I applied for a job on Career Builder as a National Sales Rep for this company. They make you go through a very long interview process. Eventually they will offer you $80,000 a year, plus commissions to launch this garbage product. The one catch is you have to buy one of these devices for $348. When you get the device you will realize that you have been scammed. They might as well as put some dog poop in a hot dog bun because it will have a better chance of working than this piece of crap. Once you start complaining Tom Delor will call you up and cuss you out and tell you how unqualified you are. He will then start sending you hundreds of emails telling you that you can’t sell. Hmm, could it be the product would be over priced at $10 at Walmart. If you go to his website and look at his recommendations you will see what a joke this guy is. He has listed John F Kennedy, George Bush, and Barack Obama, to name just a few. Tom Delor claims to be a rich retired aerospace engineer, yet his companies keep closing, and then reopening under new names so no one can sue him. He will try to sue you if you complain, then will file that he is indigent and can’t afford the filing fees.This company is a total joke, and Tom Delor is a complete moron.

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