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Report Filed: Tom Masano Mercedes Lemon Reading Pennsylvania!!

I was in the search for a used Mercedes Benz. After searching the web I came across a 2004 SLK with very low mileage. After test driving the car I fell in love with it and had to have it. The whole time I was considering the car, my salesman told me the previous owner was their head mechanic. All I heard was how great of a car I was buying and at a great deal too. This car was our master mechanics car and we know he took great care of it. That had me sold. Not even 5 minutes after filling out the paper work my check engine light comes on. My salesman was standing right aside of me when it came on. He told me to bring it in the following Monday and they will fix it. So now it’s Monday and I take in the car and it needed a CO2 sensor. Fine. They call me and schedule an appointment for that Saturday. I show up and wait 2 hours and then they come out and say they ordered the wrong part. Needless to say I had to go through the this process again. After getting my car back I noticed it was in need for an inspection. Why would you not inspect the car before handing it over to new owner. Then I was charged for the inspection. Two days later I have a coolant light come on. So it’s back to the dealership and I was told I needed a new coolant sensor. This took 2 days to have diagnosed. Meantime I was given no loaner. I was told the part would be there in two days and 5 days later I get the call to have it installed. An hour goes by and device tech comes out and says good new and bad news. Good news was the sensor is in. Bad new is the problem wasn’t fixed. Now they tell me my coolant system is no good and needs work. My warranty on this car is now up and I only had it for 8 weeks. I call sales manager to get out of this deal do to being a lemon car and he tells me know and to trade it in. He said the care is no where worth what I paid for it 9 weeks ago. My advice is to stay away from all Tom Masano dealerships. I have had a Ford with bad service and now a Mercedes.

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