Report Filed: TOWERSTREAM False Data and lies to try to upgrade my internet service Nationwide!!

My service was working fine up until the end of 2014. I have several open work orders with them, but with no solution.They keep trying to sell me a more expensive package, and then that would resolve my issue. I want to cancel my contract , because working has almost become impossible due to the slow product they are charging me for. The customer service is not helpful and the tech department is worse, they did a reading when no one was in the office and claimed I was over using, what a scam! When I told the tech guy that, that was impossible there was no one in the ofice, he wassilent for a very long time, as though he were caught in a lie. No one there can explain how I got an over usage reading when no one was in my office at the time. Stay away from these ripoff artists! All I requestd was for someone to come out and service the modem or check the lines and they refused!

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