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Report Filed: TranscendTranscend USA, denied rebate Orange California!!

I had sent in my rebate offer for purchasing 1GB of DDR2 memory at Fry’s electronics and sent in the rebate offer, proof of purchase, and the UPC code from the packaging to the location shown on the rebate form (a place in New York State), and using their site, did indeed find they processed it around Septemer 24, 2007, but were unable to process it, due to the fact I had submitted the wrong UPC code (there was only ONE on the entire package). So I sent an email to Patricia Cullen at Transcend (in addition to speaking with her on the phone), and apparently, this problem seems to be wide spread (it’s NOT transcend’s fault that the rebate center in NY State seems to be playing loose and fast with what they require), but it appears i’m out my $40.00 rebate, as I’ve not received any notification as to how to submit the correct portion of the packaging (since it’s been recycled into something else 2 months ago when I threw it out). I would like to say that transcend seems to be as much of a victim here as I am, as Ms. Cullen told me that the company has to deal with this type of an issue far too often. Dogbert2 Las Vegas, NevadaU.S.A.

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