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Report Filed: Traveler’s RV liars, cheats, thieves , Internet!!

After purchasing a new RV from this disreputable dealer I took it in for warranty repairs on the heater and the television. The television had pixels that were out and it was very noticeable. The day of the scheduled repair appointment I was informed that the manufacturer would not replace the TV and my options were to have the dealer purchase a new TV locally. The dealer then went to Wal-Mart and purchased the cheapest TV of the same size but not a Jensen as was original with the purchase of the RV. I was told that the store had Jensen’s but this was an upgrade. (Huge lie #1) The cheap no name TV they installed, incorrectly, was not even compatible with the existing Jensen stereo/CD/DVD system in the RV. I was then told that the manufacturer would only redeem up to $200 dollars. (Big lie #2) It was discovered later that the manufacturer would replace up to $400 dollars to replace the TV, which coincided with the price to replace this television locally. The lies from the dealership continued and I was told they could do nothing else. So…bottom line, my new television was exchanged for an inferior, non-compatible television.The Jensen TV was returned to the manufacturer, (supposedly) and since it was still under warranty a replacement TV was made available or a complete refund was made. There was no advantage to lying to me regarding this warranty repair. The dealer was re compensated from the manufacturer for the labor, the manufacturer was re compensated for the bad TV and I was left holding the bag. Since this occurrence I have been unsuccessful in having this issue resolved. As a matter of fact the owner refused speak to me. I have made it a mission to tell everyone I know to avoid this unscrupulous dealership at all costs. I have made several blog entries on numerous RV web sites and I think I have already cost them at least 3 new sales. If the liars at this dealership were to go out of business I will feel partially vindicated.

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