Twin City Mazda Alcoa, TN

Twin City Mazda Alcoa, TN Review

Report Filed: Twin City Mazda Alcoa, TN Danny Lamp Overcharged and longer load term than verbally told. Plus never refunded my GAP which I told I didn’t need. Alcoa Tennessee!!

I walked in with an approval letter from capital one. Danny said he could get a better rate with the same terms. Wrong, instead of 72 he had me sign a contract for 78 months. However, when I was signing it, I asked was it 72 he said yes, so I signed. My husband was right there to hear the entire thing. I also said, I did not need the GAP or extended warranty. He charged me for the Gap. Sent me a letter stating it would be taken off the balance of the Car. It never was. The sales person said he knew nothing about the financing. The sales person said he set the car aside for me to buy. I told him I wanted to look at another care before making my mind up. He then was using pressure tactics like I already had finance draw up the documents. So I felt pressured. Never feel guilty about what they say they do…this place was a rip off and I was taken for a ride. They also charged me more than they said with thier financing. Well it would come out less if you took the loan out for 78 months instead of 72. Even if they are saying one thing always read what they are giving you. They showed me one document and gave me another. It was a complete bait and switch. Wow this is the worst car dealership I have ever bought from. Stay away from this crooked folks. They are about as ethical as a poltiican.

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