U-Save Car & Truck Rental

U-Save Car & Truck Rental Review

Report Filed: U-Save Car & Truck Rental Bad Experience Carolina Puerto Rico!!

They socked the surcharges to me. I rented for 3 days and there was an additional charge to use the tolls but I did not choose as we wanted to use the roads that were not tolls so we could see the country. But I accidently ended out on one toll and had to go through but I went through where you could pay. I paid $5.00 that went onto their pass on the car and got off shortly. When I returned the car they asked if I used any tolls and I told them about the incident. They told me they had to charge me for three days of tolls which I was very upset since I only did this once and paid $5.00. Charges added to my bill was $42.00. The car that they rented us leaked inside when it rained plus the transmission barely could make it up some small hills. Not a very good car. Beware of this buisness.

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