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Underground Diesel Review

Report Filed: Underground Diesel Beware of Underground Diesel in Henderson Nevada Henderson Nevada!!

STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE! I cannot impress upon you any more adamantly than what I’m telling you! I had previously good experiences with this company regarding my 2000 F-350 dually 4×4 diesel. They repaired a previously installed ECU MODULE that was poorly installed. I had dealt with (wheelchair) Mike whom I thought was the owner based on what I perceived to be a sincere and honest attempt to please his customer. In April I took my truck to their new facility on East Merlayne drive to have an oil change, clutch replacement, new shifter knob and air filter cleaning. They promised to have the truck done in 3 days and it ended up being 3 WEEKS!They lied to me numerous times regarding completion date. Here comes the good part! When I picked up my truck it felt like there were no bushings holding the shifter in place! I was correct ! I took the truck back and they refused to listen to my concerns stating “there is no adjustment to the shifter”” I dealt with both Mikes regarding this! Turns out I was correct! I took it to a shop right down the street and they confirmed my suspicions! It was reassembled without one of the plastic bushings and this WAS OK FOR UNDERGROUND DIESEL? It gets better! After driving the truck for a week or so It started making a horrible vibration on the freeway coming from the front end! Turns out they installed the transfer case actuator BACKWARDS! This caused damage to one of the gears in the transfer case! When I presented the receipts to get reimbursed

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