Unified Doers Management Group, LLC

Unified Doers Management Group, LLC Review

Report Filed: Unified Doers Management Group, LLC Sold me a kids Sesame Street Alphabet book and never delivered. If they come around again I’m gonna mace them and call the cops little SH*TS BETTER WATCH OUT! Washington, D.C., Internet!!

On the evening of March 16, 2012 the door bell rang and my young children ran to the door and opened it. I followed close behind them as quickly as possible and found myself speaking and dealing with a quite persuasive young African American Female Teen. She was quite personable and it was hard to tell her to ‘eff off especially with my two young children standing behind me! I ended up purchasing a $35 book set from her and wrote a check. She had a quite delinquent looking African American Teen behind her looking quite put out and bored waiting for her to finish with her scam. I never received my merchandise and it has been over 190 days. I will mace these little shits and call the cops the next time I see them on my street so they better sure as hell watch-out! I didn’t want to cause a commotion in front of my children that day but gave them (my children) a stern talking to about answering the door without Mommy being around. Don’t open your check book for these scam artists. Don’t open the door, TELL them to go away or you are going to call the cops. Hard to do to children but if you lend them your ear they will convince you to help them by buying a magazine subscription and they will not deliver!

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