Union President?

Union President? Review

Report Filed: Union President ripoff Potsdam New York!!

Sunmounts Union President, Bruce Newton, is a bullshit artist. This man is not only a bullshit artist, he likes very young girls also. I am talking in there young teens. This guy is in his almost 40 yrs old. He has a split personality, and lies with a smile on his face. He gets really weird,when he is drunk, and makes up stories that are not true, which is quite often. I feel sorry for the people that work at Sunmount,cause they have HIM? to represent them? I am sure alot of you already found out how supportive he is. How can people like this guy even get voted in? Because he has two faces, Dont turn yuor back on either one because he will stab it. If you are not aware of his actions, you will be soon. He tries to act so intellegent, and puts on a good act, but this man can not manage his money, cause he drinks it all. He lost two houses in Tupper Lake, cause he never pays his bills. Ask Corky Hewwitt about his house. I just want to say, watch out for this dude, he is a strange one, you’ll see.Shana Shana Tupper Lake, New York

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