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Report Filed: University of Pheonix Psychology chair John West Intimidates and slanders students colorado springs, Colorado!!

I have been a student at the University of Pheonix for over 1 year. At times there have been problems with less then professors, but what I recently experienced has shaken my world and my future. During my time at the University I have held straight A’s and have encouraged others to attend this school. I work in the psychology already as a licensed counselor, and in the ER as a crisis evaluator. I also work on Ft. Carson as my husband is an active duty solider stationed in Afghanstan. I say all this to show my level of professionalism and committment to my education. Yesterday I was called into Mr. West’s office out of the blue and within 5 minutes was told that I was unprofessional, rude, and had made the whole class live in a negative environment. In plain english he stated I was the worst person around, and If I said one more thing or talked during class I would be thrown out of the University. I was not allowed to talk or answer, in fact when I asked on question I was told “No”” loudly and again told I was not to be seen or heard while at school. After this incident my whole class signed a petition stating that it was wrong and that I had never done anything to deserve this. My professor’s also stated the same as I have been given many praises during this time. I find out that it started by one student who works for the college and was feeling left out during the class. I have never been talked to by anyone or had anyone state that my behaviors where out of line or degrading. Now everyday I worry about being thrown out of school and loosing everything I have worked for. I would have expected a chair of a psychology department to act like a professional and discuss the situation and not just hang me. right now I do not know what to do except to look for a new school.”

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