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Report Filed: US Career Institute Weston Distance Learning At Home Professions At Home Professions Manipulative & Deceiving Fort Collins Colorado!!

Us Career Institute AKA Weston Distance Learning or At Home Professions, were deceiving and manipulative from the very start.. I specifically requested medical billing & coding but was enrolled in medical claims & billing. After several phone calls to the school, no one let me know that I wasnt enrolled in the class I specified. Upon completion of the class I was sent a letter congratulating me on having completed the medical coding program and where I could schedule a state mandated test to complete my training. While taking the course I was working a full time job so the bulk of my work was done on weekends when there were no teachers available to answer my questions. Then when I would call Monday morning with my list of questions, I had to wait for a return call from one of the instructors. Eight times out of ten I missed their calls because I had to go to work. I feel the school was not at all what they claimed to be. All they were interested in was my money and not my success.

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