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Report Filed: US Marshal Teddy Blackman aggravated insult Washington, District of Columbia!!

2011 March unusual visit US Marshal via DC – no apparent reason – difficult exit forced to sign in regard to my medical file (not city hospital) 2012 March after my long weekend visit to DC – I view Blackman and Sears 2nd floor laundry approx 5pm-6pm – Blackman back to me apparently viewing spanish deli (July 4 massacre) Sears behind glass top door – comment I ignore 2013 2012 Sept 5 Yolonda return from vacation reschedule supermarket to following week 9am I have chuck wagon problem Oct 17 supermarket Sonja 3A can’t make it – she’s personal with Teddy Blackman’s older brother Andre – previously he summoned me – I ignored him not as easy with Teddy and Chucky Teddy Blackman (HIV ?) the 3 US Marshal – a woman was with them 2011 say they are personal staff to anonymous ex judge Superior Court – no association

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