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Report Filed: Victoria Tire & Wheel Sent damaged chrome wheel, replacement was missing chrome and now lug nuts are too big Huntington Park California!!

The rims were ordered on July 29th 2008 and invoice date is July 30th 2008. The rims were picked up from UPS on August 13, 2008. After determining that there was a problem with one of the rims, I called Victoria Tires and spoke w/Quincy Johnson (Internet Sales Manager 323-583-3229 ext 600) on August 14, 2008 to inform him of the problem. Quincy instructed me to take pictures of defective wheel and send an email to the service email address he provided. No response from Victoria Tire or Quincy so I emailed them again. On August 21, 2008, Quincy had UPS pick up the defective wheel from our house & they received the rim on August 28, 2008 @ 10:19 AM. No one contacted us to let us know what the next step would be. On September 6, 2008, Danny (sales rep) informed me that the wheels that we ordered were no longer in stock and the manufacturer didn’t have them either. Danny asked me to look on the Victoria Tire website to see if there were any other rims that I wanted. Every rim that I asked Danny about was unavailable. I didn’t find any other rim that I wanted on the Victoria Tire site so Danny instructed me to find a rim that I liked on any other website and that he would order that for me. Danny called me to inform me that he had found a wheel that matched the 3 I already had and that he would order the wheel to receive it on September 8, 2008 and would send it to me on September 9, 2008. I emailed Danny asking if he could throw in some chrome valve stems for my trouble and Danny agreed. I emailed Danny to get confirmation that the rim had been shipped as promised. No response from Danny so I called him and Danny verified that he had received my emails and informed me that the reason he hadn’t responded to was because he didn’t have an answer. Danny went on to say that the wheel hadn’t been shipped because it needed to be machined to fit my car. I had been under the impression that the wheel that Danny had for me was made for my car and didn’t realize that they were going to have to customize it. Danny informed me that the rim would be machined and shipped on September 11, 2008. I emailed Danny on September 11, 2008 to confirm that the rim had been shipped but no response from Danny so I emailed him again. Danny called me on September 12 to let me know that the rim had been shipped. Danny informed me that the rim wasn’t shipped on the 11th because the shipping personnel were not available due to a funeral. I received the rim on September 17, 2008-and determined that it doesn’t look like the other 3 NEW wheels that I have. It is missing chrome in 5 different areas and doesn’t look like a new wheel. The chrome finish is drastically duller than the other 3 wheels that I have. Also, the chrome valve stems that Danny had agreed to send were not included in the box with the rim. I didn’t receive a response to our email so I called Danny and he informed me that he had sent a new rim as I requested and since I wasn’t happy with it that I just needed to send the rims back since there was nothing else he could do. He informed me that the restocking fees (20%) would be deducted from the amount that they would credit back to my credit card but I would be liable for shipping ($140) and if I wanted to dispute this I would need to speak to Quincy. I asked to speak to Quincy, Danny forwarded the call and I got voice mail on September 17, 2008. Called back again and asked to speak to Quincy about 30 minutes later and got voice mail again left him a message informing him of the problem and asking him to give me a call – have not received a call. Called Quincy again on September 18, 2008 and still getting voice mail. Spoke w/Danny and he informed me that Quincy was aware of the problem and was at his desk so he forwarded call to him again but we still get voice mail. I figured I’d go ahead and just mount the wheels instead of paying to have them shipped back, buying another set and still having to pay to get them mounted only to find out that the lug nuts that Vicoria Tire provided do not fit my car – they are too big! Trengl Montgomery, AlabamaU.S.A.

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