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Report Filed: Waseca Chrysler www.wasecachrysler.com Small town dealer lands big city ripoff scam! waseca, Minnesota!!

This is a report of the scandal that recently occurred at Waseca Chrysler in Waseca, MN. I was recently visiting a relative near Waseca MN and saw a young man and his family standing on the side of the road near a broke down minivan. This man claimed he had just puchased the vehicle from the local Chrysler dealer and that is clunked out 20 miles out of town. I loaded the family in and drove to the dealership which looked like it was closed. We saw a tall man inside and the father of the family banged on the door. The blondish haired guy clearly saw us and then made his way towards the back. A few seconds later we saw the man fly around the building in his Challenger and nearly hit the mans family. He was looking back at us all. I was shocked. A few minutes later one of the mechanics pulled around the building and said the owner had just left and the place was shut down. He offered to look at the car but had to run home first. So he tried to call Brad, who was the owner who just left, no answer. He gave us the address to the owners’ house. When we arrived we saw the grey challenger sitting in the driveway with dealer plates, the place looked brand new, as did all the snowmobiles and equipment. The father of the family knocked on the door and the mans wife answered. The father explained what had happened and she said she would get the husband. Immediately the husband came bursting out the door shoving the father right in front of his family and his own. Yelling and swearing and tossing around inappropriate slurs I wont mention, screaming “you come to my f*&^ing house and invade my privacy over a piece of sh*t car”” ect ect racial slurs. I tried to break it up and explain that he had just bought the car and they had an obligation to help the man and his family. This googly-eyed used salesman “”Brad”” didn’t seem to care. I then noticed a harsh smell of booze and then could smell it stronger and stronger as Brad yelled and sweated out alcohol. He must have been drinking at the dealership because we were right behind him only 10-15 minutes. I ended up giving this family a ride back to the Twin Cities area

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