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Report Filed: WCP Aka Winners Choice Publishers Phony Collection Letter ripoff Norcross Georgia!!

On Monday, Oct 24th 2005 I received a collection letter from Winners Choice Publishers and this is what it said. Account Number: 109534 Dear John Doe, (sorry not real name) Your payment has not been received we now have no alternative but to forward your account to our collections department. In collections our mission is to ensure payment on your past due debt. We have paid for your magazines for you in good faith, it is time for you to live up to your agreement and pay your bill. Failure to remit payment on this debt could result in our legal department being notified. The current amount due is $98.54. If the payment is not received within (14) fourteen days we will accelerate the full balance on your account. Sincerely, Thurston Moore Collection Supervisor *** This is an attempt to collect on a debt, any information obtained will be used for that purpose*** ______________________________________________________ This is the exact letter I typed, not changed or altered in any way, that I received. I called the toll free number to resolve this at 1-888 621-9695 and spoke to “Thurston Moore”” and she answered the phone by saying that this call is being monitored and recorded for quality purposes. She asked for the acct # and new every detail about the magazines I was supposedly to have ordered by phone. I never received one magazine and I told her that and she said that I had said yes to a subscription. I asked to cancel that subscription and she said that it has a no cancellation policy and that I agreed to those terms when I consented by saying yes on the confirmation. She said that the confirmation was tape recorded and she has proof that I said yes to the subscription. So I said go ahead and play me the tape recording of me saying yes to the confirmation and she put me on hold to get the tape. I waited up to 5 minutes while put on hold and when she got back on the line she told me that she could not find the tape and that it was destroyed. Hmmmm

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