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Report Filed: West Way Ford, Irving Texas rip-off! West Way Ford Teaches how to perform staw purchases, which is illegal. Irving Texas!!

I called West Way Ford in Irving, TX after searching the internet for Auto companies that help individual’s with bad credit to regain credit in buying a vehicle. They told me after pulling my credit report that, they could help me. Falana the salesperson there, pulled my credit report and said she could definetly put me in a car with my situation that I was in. My mother and I went there, and to make a long story short after 6 hours was told that my mom will have to put the vehicle in her name and pretend that she would be driving the vehicle and tell her insurance company that she is going to be driving the vehicle. The Finance manager which is no longer there, said, when US Banks call my mom, pretend like she has the car there at her address and the car is running good and she’s really enjoying the car. My mom and I were told by the finance manager, that he was going to put her in a special lease since they could not do anything with me in my credit that would allow her to trade the vehicle in at anytime, even after 6 months if she wanted too with no strings attached. 5 and a half months had gone by, and I, the daughter, went to a company that approved me for a car loan, and was going to turn the car back in to the dealearship, and US Banks called and said are you doing a volunteer repossesion? My mom said, No.. Then began to tell US Banks the story. US Banks said there are no such things as a Special program for leasing, all are the same. Not only that, they put my mom in a 5 year lease with a ballon of $8,000.00 and only 36,000 miles in 5 years that I can drive the car. I’m a realtor and I told that idiot in the finance company that I was a realtor and need to drive and not watch my mileage. The car was about $33,000 and the balance is $29,000 and everywhere we go to trade the vehicle in they want $8,000 to 10,000 down to get out of the lease… We, my mom and I have tried in good faith to handle this problem with WEST WAY Ford, and have not been sucessful at all. My mom will be letting the car go back and ruin her credit on my behalf, because people and idiots at WEST WAY Ford that will not return calls or try to help us in any manner what soever. The over all picture is, that these people needed a pay check at the expense of some one else’s life. Now, my mom credit will be torn apart and we have not gotten any help what soever. I recommend NO ONE in their right mind to purchase a Car or anything from WEST WAY Ford In Irving, TX. THEY ARE TRULY RIP OFFS AND CAN CARE LESS ABOUT YOUR BEST INTEREST. If you or someone you know that have had problems with WEST WAY FORD, and would like to Protest or PICKIT at their place of business I am willing and ready to do just that.. I want their business GONE FOREVER… I have completely nothing to say good about those people…. I’ve don a lot of talking to other Auto companies and their reply is that was unfortunate.. We are going to win, because, this car will not be paid for with my hard earned money… I pay $451.54 per month and that is too much for my income… I LIKE TO ADD, AND SAY TO ALL OF THE PEOPLE AT WEST WAY FORD AND ALL THE OTHER AUTO COMPANIES AND ANYONE ELSE THAT TAKES THE TIME TO READ THIS LETTER. GOD SAYS,”YOU REAP WITH YOU SOW””. And that’s a fact. You can’t keep ripping people off and being dishonest and expect God to multiply your income. I’m very bitter due to this incident

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