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White Castle Review

Report Filed: White Castle False and misleading Massapequa, New York!!

Recently I had the bad experience of visiting this White Castle. I have been visiting White Castle since forever.Upon ordering my food I asked for the senior discount which White Castle boasts they offer. I was humiliated by the staff at this location. So later that afternoon I called their corporate who apologized and further stated it was their policy to offer Senior Discounts and went on to say how she would correct that situation and sent me a letter of apology. After a week or so I received their letter of apology with a coupon attached for my problems.Several weeks have elapsed and I felt in all fairness it was an honest mistake so i stopped in once again and repeated my request for a senior discount, to my dismay I was treated worse then the first time sort of like we are now going to get even.Of course I called the corporate office to lodge another complaint. Yes they did offer to send the 10% voucher but are they aware that it is not the discount in its self rather the embarrassment.

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