William Howard Bonney / Jamie Lawrence

William Howard Bonney / Jamie Lawrence Review

Report Filed: William H. Bonney Of El Cajon And Arizona / Jamie Lawrence $30,000.00 Rip-Off Scam Promissory note where William Howard Bonney was liaison Glendale Arizona!!

Though Jamie Lawrence is listed here, it is for identification purposes only as there are many people by the name William H. Bonney. This particular young man, William Howard Bonney, DOB 10/08/1981 is the son of William Bonney Sr. of El Cajon California. William Jr. acted as liaison between myself and his father for a $30,000.00 Promissory note that his father has defaulted on. This is being posted to warn everyone doing business with such persons that there is a huge outstanding debt that they refuse to pay. It will be listed with all three credit bureaus, and as a Private Detective myself, I am well aware of the law regarding slander/libel and this is all based on fact and witnesses. Some of the properties William Bonney and Wife Chantal own or have owned are 4241 n 17th street 85016 morningside lot 14 1701 e cheery lynn rd 85016 1829 e fairmount ave phx az 85016 5184 n 74th lane glendale 85303 (residence of Will Jr and girlfriend Jamie Lawrence) William Sr. threatens to file bankruptcy, yet he has huge loans out with: greenpoint mortgage silver hill financial swi financial services union bank of california west coast mortgage To name a few on public record. It would be terrible news to these lenders to learn that William and Chantal Bonney plan to file bankruptcy and default on all their loans. At least that is what I gathered from Mr. Bonney’s verbal threat via phone call to him on 11/23/07. What is unfortunate is that William Howard Bonney has his name mixed up in his father’s bad business, and that along with a rap sheet of traffic violations are ruining things for the son from the get-go. I would advice either “William”” to consider what a reputation is worth and to start thinking clearly about how your actions will shape the rest of your life. If anyone does a Google search and reads these facts and opinions

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