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Report Filed: Wohu Rentals & 877EZOwnNow.com Henny & Sandra De Ujil and Kevin & Marilyn Wells Scammed me into a Lease Option & Now Selling Home After I put $30,000 Into This Home! Encinitas California!!

I agreed to lease a home in Mesa, AZ from Kevin Wells and Henny Den Ujil in 3/2010 with a lease option after 2 years. I have written confirmation from Kevin Wells, one of the owners of the home I leased at the time stating my monthly rental payments would not change for 30 years even when it went into the lease option after making my 2 year on time payments to him through 877EZOwnNow.com website. I followed all the rules laid out in my agreement and when I wanted to exercise my option to buy the home the two owners Mr. Ujil and Mr. Wells had a business falling out that ended up in the San Diego courts and my option was put on the back burner. Then when the lawsuit betwen the 2 partners were resolved the staff at Wohu Rentals emailed me and said they are raising my rent by almost $300 per month in order to exercise my option rights. I protested and told them I had already put $30,000 of my own money into the home believing I ws buying it and had planned on staying here for many years to come. They told me pay the increased rate or vacate. I explained to them that when I moved into this home it was in an unhabitable state, no working plumbing, or electrical, no working AC or heat and no appliances and windows and doors that would not open. I explained that there was no utilities turned onduring the inspection and for 2 years during my lease they refused to fix anything telling me I was in a lease option and it falls on me to fix everything and that they would not fix anything. The home had rats and mice fecies and was absolutely filthy at move in and with all the violations of the AZ Landlord Tenant Laws that they had to fix these things but they refused. They even put it into thier lease that they will not fix anything in the home. Because I was led to believe them and had already moved into the home I started using my own money to fix the things in the home to make it habitable and safe for me. I remodeled the home, fixed the plumbing and AC/heat issues, fixed the electrical so I could have electricity in the home, replacd the doors and windows that woulld not open and more throughout my 5.5 years here beleiving it was my home and I will stay for the rest of my days. Now they inform me I have to move in 30 days because they want to sell this house. I was scammed by both these owners and I see on the internet his same thing has happened to others by them. I have a contract and lots of correspondence from Kevin Wells stating my payments will be $1595 a month for 30 years and will include the principal, taxes and insurance as well as pics I took of the home at move in, and all the reciepts I kept for all the items I put into the home and labor receipts from vendors and contractors I hired to do the work. Their scam is have people fix up their homes and once this is done they can sell the home for a lot more money and put you out. They also violated so many AZ Landlord Tenant Laws in this state and contract laws in AZ. I am filing a class action lawsuit against this company and all individuals who assisted them in scamming me. If anyone out there wants to join our lawsuit then please feel free to contact me at *******************. There is an underscore between my first and last name in my email. I am also putting a lien on this home so they can’t sell it without a court hearing on their scam. The owner Henny & Sandra Den Ujil out of Encinitas Ca own homes in AZ, CA. and Nevada as well. Many of us have been scammed and together we can stop these people from doing it to anyone else if we join together. In addition, Henny Den Ujil was sued in the San Diego courts recently for advertising fraud for his company that was a fat burning pill that led the public into believing his pills were based on science that it burns fat and he put that in all his ads. Well he lost that lawsuit to the tune of millions for all those he scammed and now he is doing it again but in his Real Estate holdings in 3 states. Look it up for yourself the lawsuit is a matter of public record. Please contact me if you havee been involved in any business dealings with any of these individuals to join our class action lawsuit at no cost to you.

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