Xavier's Casa Reynoso

Xavier's Casa Reynoso Review

Report Filed: Xavier’s Casa Reynoso Paid for take out but did not receive food. Mesa Arizona!!

We have been very loyal customers of this restaurant especially since we come from the same small town as the Reynoso’s and their small restaurant was struggling to stay open. We had ordered some mexican take out from this restaurant. We would order food at least once a week. Well, the last order we placed with them they were handed our debit card to pay for the food, the transaction cleared but the incompetent waitress said it was declined and tried to run our card three more times. The owner said that the card was declined and he could not give us our food. The waitress gave us the debit card receipt that clearly showed at the bottom the transcation had cleared our bank. I spoke with the owner and explained to him the transaction cleared and he owes us our food or our money back. He was very rude and said I was wrong. I called the bank and had a three way conversation with the bank rep, the owner of the restaurant and myself. The rep explained to the owner it was a debit transaction and the money was pulled from my account immediately. He needed to give us our food or money back. He became irate and said that was untrue and he did not owe us anything. I then explained to him how we grew up in the same town, his family was neighbors with mine and we were very supportive of his business and did not appreciate him stealing from us. He then cursed myself and the rep out and hung up. I will never go there again and my family and friends have decided to do the same. You know word of mouth goes a long way. If the owner wasn’t so arrogant maybe he could save his business. Thanks to our bank all the money was returned to our account, but we had to wait 3-7 days for the deposit. Anonymous Mesa, ArizonaU.S.A.

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