YMCA Review

Report Filed: YMCA YMCA of Greater Houston Area; defamation; career ruined; destroyed; discrimination; gender bias; racial bias; false testimony; obstruction of justice; unnotarized affidavits; retaliation; unpaid overtime; scandal; Internet!!

Wake up America! – Is THIS kind of stuff really ALLOWED here?! The legal case by a poor man without any attorney is Noack v. YMCA and is now in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. The man is impoverished and has been living in a tent for over 2 years now, his career ruined, car repossessed, and having lost his job of over 8 1/2 years at one of the biggest YMCAs around and having had to cash in his retirement fund simply to live on. Mr. Noack has apparently opposed corruption in a very popular organization, and a “Christian”” organization at that! According to facts gleaned

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