Report Filed:, YourMLSsearch,, Craig Grant Misleading, Unkept Promises, Sales person lied about product Miami, Gainsville, Boise, San Francisco, San Diego “nationwide”!!

I have been a loyal, good paying (auto drafts from account) customer for over 3 years with In fact at one point I was paying for multiple domains through On numerous occassions i have spoken with Craig Grant, because he is the only employee in his online sales and consulting company based in Florida. I know he promotes his other company The Real Estate Technology Institute, which again is himself. He wants to appear to be this large corporation all the while it is just a small company like the customers he looks for, Realtors. Which I am one of them. For over 3 years I have asked about product upgrades, changes, SEO solutinos, all the while getting a resounding “NO”” or “”Can’t happen”” or “”we can’t do that”” from his company. He could see I was trying my hardest to get business rolling and could see i was paying attention to what Googl

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