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Report Filed: Yvondia Herring Central Florida Black Expo Did not return vendor fees as promised Orlando, Florida!!

As of October 23, Ms. Yvondia Herring has not refunded my $500 despite a claim two months ago she would do so. I am seeking a refund of my vendor fee for the first annual Central Florida Black Expo that was previously scheduled for June 29-30, 2012. Ms. Herring postponed and rescheduled the Expo for August 10-11 and then postponed and rescheduled the event for October 20, 2012. Meanwhile Yvondia Herring has renamed the Central Florida Black Expo Facebook fan page, the Central Florida Black Professionals. Hopefully, this means Yvondia Herring will not be the executive director if another Black Expo is planned for next year. As a business person, Yvondia Herring is unprofessional. She has showed poor judgment and a lack of goodwill. She has ignored my phone calls, emails and an inquiry from the Better Business Bureau. A business person who cares about her clients would not act like Yvondia Herring.

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