ZeenoTV Review

Report Filed: ZeenoTV Unsatisfactory, rip off, disgraceful, untrustworthy Mountain View California!!

I consider myself a proud Iranian. I believe in the quality of our culture and the profound influence it has on society; whether it be through social media, news, food, or culture. In the digital era, it is more important to make a stamp and make a real influence in the influx of digital stimulus. I once looked towards ZeenoTv as a leader in cutting edge technology, but was sadly mislead. ZeenoTv marketed itself as the leading frontier in delivering entertainment through its supposed interactive interaface, picture quality entertainment, and ease of use. All fall short and ultimately a disappointment. I can understand why the ease of use wasn’t fluid as its their first product. Maybe there was a lack quality checks or beta testing was rushed. I can understand why streaming content lagged or completely vacant on some channels. Maybe there’s an issue with an influx of servers. I can understand the choppy broken navigation. Maybe ZeenoTV overcompensated internal bloat software as a feature believing it was innovative. It’s difficult to believe that ZeenoTV or any company would falter at so many levels. All encompassing, it is an over rated and over priced product. The biggest gripe I have with ZeenoTV is that I truly believe that the few Persian’s in position to make a difference let the rest of us down. ZeenoTV had a opportunity to step up to the plate and make a real game changer but fell short in all aspects. Optimized processing is a must; especially on Androids open platform. Ease of use and fluidity could have been improved by re-enforcing test groups for genuine feedback. Slow and disconnected channels is ridiculous as the entire product is based on free HD entertainment. Its the first priority and fell short at every cornerstone. There is much more that can be said about the ZeenoTV. Not only is this a scam towards your wallet, but a disappointment to all Persians.

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